Body Contouring in Cedar Rapids

At Kettman Aesthetics Center, we pride ourselves on offering effective non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Without having to endure surgery, anesthetics, or long recovery periods, we’ll help you lose weight and restore your body to its youthful figure. Sounds unbelievable, right?

It’s called body contouring. Using special techniques, body contouring burns and breaks down those last pockets of fat that you just can’t seem to get rid of. You know those secret areas of your body that seem to resist your dieting and exercise—those are our targets!

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What Is Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a set of techniques that are designed to get rid of those persistent pockets of fat around the abdomen, the arms, back, thighs, etc. As its name suggests, body contouring is all about giving your body shape. It’s designed to transform your body. To make it look fit.

There are several different body contouring procedures. Each type targets fat and destroys it at the cellular level. The four nonsurgical fat burning procedures are:

  • Cryolipolysis: uses controlled freezing to break down fat cells
  • Laser lipolysis: uses controlled lasers to break down fat cells
  • Radiofrequency lipolysis: uses ultrasound and heat to break down fat cells
  • Injection lipolysis: uses deoxycholic acid to break down fat cells

Take Your Body to the Next Level with Nonsurgical Fat Reduction

It’s important to remember that body contouring is designed to be the final step toward creating your ideal body shape. It’s not a substitute for other weight loss treatments. It’s not a substitute for eating well! You should always pair it with a well-structured diet and exercise plan. Always speak to a doctor or qualified medical professional before beginning a new weight loss program.

For questions regarding the nonsurgical fat reduction procedures in body contouring, get in touch with the specialists at Kettman Aesthetics Center.

The Body Contouring Specialists

You wouldn’t go to an amateur dentist for dental work, so why would you visit a non-specialist for cosmetic work. As Cedar Rapids’ leading body contouring specialist, we’re the trusted choice for all nonsurgical procedures in the region.

We combine state-of-the-art technology with years of training to offer cosmetic procedures that last. Our reputation precedes us. Our clients are happier with their bodies and happier with themselves. And they’re happy with the work we’ve done for them.

We let our clients speak for themselves! If you want to learn about our success stories, just check out our online reviews.

Improve Your Sense of Well-Being and Confidence with Body Contouring

Rediscover a sense of self-confidence with nonsurgical procedures that permanently remove unwanted fat from your body! You’ll never look at yourself the same way again—literally. Our procedures have proven, time and again, how important it is to feel good in your own body.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Contact us today to speak with a specialist and find out whether body contouring is right for you!